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China "cradle of medicinal herbs" - Qin-ba Mountainous Area

Sources:Shaanxi Provincial Information Center Public Information Office

Chinese medicine is a national treasure, for our valuable cultural and economic heritage, the prosperity of the Chinese nation prosperous, have an indelible contribution. Traditional Chinese medicine is the advantage of our products, with its unique efficacy, has been increasingly valued by the world, in the international community enjoyed a high reputation. In recent years, foreign also set off a "Chinese herbal medicine hot", the increasing export volume, China's foreign trade and foreign investment and exports played a major role.

Baoji Earay Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

Baoji Earay Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd is intergrated with research, production and sales as high-newly technology enterprise, and specialized in natural plants extracts and refining process business. And it owns the right of import and export business. Our Company obtained GMP、HACCP、ISO9001 and Kosher Certifications.
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